Blue Pearl.

Things to Do

Get lost in the streets of Medina

The lovely Medina will give you a sweet balance between Moroccan and Andalusian influence. You’ll find uncrowded, clean streets with perfect combinations of twisty and dense paths.

Visit the Kasbah Museum

By far the most striking building of Chefchaouen is the old kasbah at Plaza Uta el-Hammam. This sandstone fortress has been completely restored and now houses the Ethnographic Museum and a gallery. You can see the work of local artists there, but take the stairs upstairs.

Cascades d’Akchour

The trip to the waterfall of Akchour is the most beautiful and varied. This path runs through woods and along fields, the river has to be crossed several times, and chances are you will spot some monkeys and special birds.

Hike to Spanish Mosque

For nature lovers, this is heaven. Because the hillside on which the city is built on will give your legs a nice workout.  It’ll take you 45 minutes to reach the top and you’ll get to see amazing views especially at sunsets.